WHO Guidelines for School

Health service provision:

Screening, health care and referral:

  • Screening of general health
  • Assessment of Anemia/Nutritional status
  • visual acuity
  • hearing problems
  • dental checkup
  • common skin conditions
  • physical disabilities
  • learning disorders, behavior problems, etc.
  • Basic medicine kit /Supplements will be provided to take care of common ailments prevalent among young school going children
  • Referral Cards for priority services at various hospitals and diagnostic labs managed by our organization


  • As per required schedule for a child
  • prevention against virus and disease outbreak
  • Coupled with education about the issue

Micronutrient (Vitamin A & IFA) & Diet management

  • Weekly supervised distribution of Iron-Folate tablets coupled with education about the issue
  • Administration of Vitamin-A and Other supplements based on proper diagnostic
  • Counseling on Food habits and nutrition plan for children


  • As per WHO guidelines
  • Biannually supervised schedule
  • Siblings of students also to be covered

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