Speech Therapy

We are not born with a ready-to-use vocabulary or complex language structures.


Speech and Language development starts at birth when child’s brains respond to parents’ voices. As the child grows, he/she learns to differentiate speech sounds from non- speech noise.


When children do not achieve their speech sounds by the expected developmental age, they may have a speech delay. It impacts on children when family, teachers, and friends have difficulty understanding the child’s speech. Those who mispronounce their speech sounds will have difficulty sounding out words.


Speech therapy can give children a strong learning platform by helping them become clear and confident in their communication which in turn helps them:


  • Become fully engaged in school and benefit from the curriculum
  • Develop self-help skills and independence for activities of daily living
  • Actively participate in life experiences
  • Build healthy social relationships


Child’s ability to communicate is directly correlated with their ability to achieve success in whatever they pursue.

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