Our programs are based on the concept of school readiness approach especially designed for differently abled-children. The ultimate outcomes are to improve the child's school readiness, and to prevent children from developing further problems and academic underachievement in later school years.

Key concept:

  • Promoting physical well-being and motor development
  • Promoting positive social and emotional development
  • Developing different approaches to enhance learning
  • Fostering speech & language development
  • Improving cognitive development and general knowledge

The purpose of this program is to carry out child-directed play skills that promote a child's social, emotional and academic school readiness skills. The skills established during the classes facilitate child's development of important peer friendship skills, such as being cooperative, sharing & helping friends, waiting and taking turns. In addition, the program also assist child's language and emotion regulation skills by building emotion vocabulary and strengthening their understanding and expression of feelings also promoting, not only their understanding of numbers, colors, and shapes, but also by expanding their attention span and building their self-confidence in their abilities.

A child’s reading and language skills are best fostered through an approach that invites them to interact with the story and to be actively engaged in the process of talking about the stories and the pictures in the book. This child-directed, interactive approach with children increases their confidence in their pre-reading skills, promotes their imagination and creativity in storytelling, and helps children understand the association between the printed word and verbal language. Reading interactively with children also increases a child's interest in books, expands their expressive and descriptive language skills, and stimulates their curiosity and love for learning.


  • Creating a smooth transition between home and school
  • Ensuring continuity between early care and education programs and elementary grades
  • Focusing on helping children learn through a student-centered environment
  • Using strategies that have been shown to raise achievement for each student
  • Willingness to alter practices and programs if they do not benefit children
  • Assuring that students have access to services and support in the community
  • Grouping of children according to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Small group size to facilitate teacher interaction to aid the learning process.
  • Supervision by psychologist for tracking progress & observing behavioral changes.
  • Latest methodology/equipment's to train children in different skills.
  • Clean classrooms with committed, hardworking Teaching and Non-Teaching staff.
  • Integrating school-ready children from the Prep-School & Day care into neighboring schools.
  • Academic Instruction made efficient through remedial means.
  • Structured stimulating environment & teaching methodology reduces the requirements of individualized therapy sessions.
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